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I use engineering tools to explore public health questions. My primary interests are energy and water quality.

My past and ongoing research questions and projects are organized below along with relevant publications. Article proofs are linked here.   
     Energy and health
  • Screening hydroelectric development for methylmercury impacts on indigenous communities, centered around the case of the Labrador Inuit impacted by the Lower Churchill Project, Canada
  • Relative impacts of climate change and hydroelectric devleopment on the accumulation of methylmercury in traditional foods of indigenous people
     Water-food nexus
  • What is the role of freshwater inputs in methylmercury accumulation in northern coastal food webs?
  • Are food advisories to limit exposures to environmental conaminants health-protective? What are the nutritional impacts among indigenous populations?

    Drinking water policy and risk analysis

  • Is drinking water regulation internally consistent? Is it a rational conjugation of risks, benefits and costs? How do the costs of health risks from drinking water contaminants compare to the costs of obtaining better information about what to regulate?
  • Why do environmental advocates in Canada call for greater centralization of drinking water responsibility? Would it improve outcomes? 
  Wastewater treatment and management